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4 Tips to Master Working From Home

Working From Home

Like many people, you may find yourself working from home these days. And if you’ve never done remote work — or if you’ve always chosen to work in a quiet coffee shop or your local library — you might find yourself looking for ways to make it, well, work.

In addition to setting up a perfect space for your workflow, you want to make sure that you can limit distractions and focus on actually getting your to-do list done. How?

Find a spot that’s comfortable and clean.

If you don’t have a dedicated home office, that’s okay. A dining table, kitchen counter or other surfaces can become a workspace with little effort. Just be sure that whatever space you choose gives you a bit of room to spread out and isn’t cluttered with things.

Disconnect from chores and entertainment.

It may be tempting to constantly check social media, watch TV or get a load of laundry done. But if you’re going to stay in a productive mindset, you should make your job your priority during the hours you’re signed on.

Stick to a daily routine.

Speaking of work hours, make sure you set some. If you have an “aha moment” at 9 p.m., feel free to jot it down. But generally try to go to bed, wake up and work on roughly the same schedule each day. It will make it easier for you to keep a work-life balance, even as your whole day is spent at home.

Take plenty of breaks.

If you were in an office or other workplace, you’d surely get up for walks, snacks and conversation. Working remotely shouldn’t change that. Breaks and physical activity are still essential during work hours, so don’t neglect them.

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